A old drawing with sources

What is it ?

This a project to make a powerful, free and cross-platform astronomy software.
There are two main parts :
- A graphical interface
- A object-oriented library

Where are the sources ?

The sources are available on sourceforge. CVS is not use at this time because distribution's tree structure isn't stable.
There is a available binary of a in-developement version for win32 at the download section.

And the documents ?

You can find the auto-make documentation of the astronomy library here.
libastronomia : Generic data source access
A screenshot of a test The architecture for data access allow use of a lot of different data source, from Mysql to formatted binary files. Data are available everywhere in the program and interface for browsing the result is the same for all the data source type.

For more info, see source documentation.
Astronomia : At least 26 differents projections !
A screenshot of a test Thanks to wcslib, 26 differents projections are avalaible to draw the skymaps.
From "Plate carrée" to "Hammer-Aitoff", you can use zenithal, cylindrical, pseudocylindrical, conic, pseudoconic, polyconic, quad-cube projections. Each of its have some parameters to choose exactly the aspect your need.