Under which license ?
A GNU logo The program is under the GNU/GPL (General Public License) version 2. So it's free, you can distribute it, and modify it (see license for more information). At this time the license can't be modify. The astronomia sources are linked with others GPL parts. This part is the Mysql database engine and the projection system.
More informations about the license on G.N.U. Home page.

Why the developement is so long ?

There is several reasons. The first, I don't have a lot of time when I have enough courage to work on it. The second, I'm on a specialist about the astronomical calculation. Be indulgent on me.

What platforms is supported ?

Thanks to wxWindows a large number of platforms is theoretically possible. But in a first time, developements are focused on Windows 32 and GNU/Linux/GTK environnement. Others port don't need a very hard work.

What is wxWindows ?

wxWindows is a powerfull API to make cross-platform GUI. Platforms supported : Win32, Motif, X11, GTK, Mac OS, Mac OSX and OS/2. A lot of controls are available that allow to make modern application. This API is available under LGPL-like license.

Architecture :

Here is the planned architecture for the application.

Libastronomia library :
Written in C++. In DLL format under Win32 and so under Unix. Actually under development.

Data Source manager :
All data needed are store into a sql database for simplicity, flexibility, and speed. Other kind of data source can be used.

Astronomia :
Some 'classic' functions provided, like planetarum, solar system view... Written in C++ and use wxWindows.